Monday, July 12, 2010

Very late post~

After my last two kitchen class, I din't post up any update due to 'i forgot what' reasonssss... anyways, just to tell you all what I had cook after all~

First was Lamb~

Alright.. This lamb dish was kinda failure for myself... First the vegetables as you can see the eggplants and zucchini cutting size was very big and doesn't look good at all... second was the lamb itself din't turn out to be what I expected as I forgot to check the oven and it so happened that the oven not working on that day... Quite disappointed actually...

Next was the Chicken~

This chicken dish was one of the best creation I can say, Well, that piece of chicken in the picture you see was not my chicken as my chicken was eaten by the chef before I have the chance to take a picture of it... The color of my chicken was much darker and golden brown, and the size is more beautiful than this which is extra food for us... hehehe~ I can said that this dish is one of my most satisfying creation, my risotto turn out really good, and my mushroom sauce taste really awesome beside the color of the sauce was not that brown...

Alright, I think after this post... I will not able to make much update on this blog but I will try to post anything related to my food blog if I have the chance to do so~ So see ya~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quek Quek~

Quek Quek~ What's that? Yes, you are right~ It's Duck!!!!!!! Last kitchen practical we have duck as our menu~ So as previous class, we collect our ingredients and then Chef Souji demostrated how to cut the whole duck. After the demostration, we start our cooking section, same as last time, we were given 2 hours to produce one main course with duck as the main dish accompanies with 3 vegetables, one starch and one type of sauce~

This is my dish~

Roasted Duck Breast with Mushroom Risotto, Braised Red Cabbage, Caramelized Mango and Saute Osyter Mushroom serve with Orange Gastric Sauce.

Some comment on my dish was the risotto too mash and portioning is big. The good news are my duck breast taste good and doneness is good.. and my saute mushroom was a good idea as well as tasted good~

Here are some others presentation from my colleagues in the kitchen~

Lack of little greens but the idea of presentation is good.

Presentation is good but the risotto is too thick and the mushroom not enough seasoning.

Simple and nice presentation, almost fine dining standard. Can improved in rice pilaf.

Good seasoning. Rice little bit too hard, cabbage no color.

Can be improved, Duck have strong odor.

Big portioning~ Glazed carrot will give better presentation.

Pilaf rice too big protion. Sauce is too sugary but the doneness for duck is good~

Too crowded. Duck taste too salty~

Risotto taste is goood but the duck is too rare and mango can be more caramelized~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kitchen first practical class

During my last kitchen practical, I have cooked fish fillet... We have to create a main course from fish with 2-3 types of vegetables, one starch and one type of sauce~ then we will be marks according to our presentation of food and taste. Well marks also given from the organising of our station as in cleaniness and arrangement of untensils... Time limit is 2 hours~

My group consisting of DC and DH (in case u dunno, DC is culinary student during diploma while DH is hospitality management student in diploma). DC students are more better in term of organising their station and time and DH students are little bit weak but I believe we can improve as time goes on... Cut the talking and let me show you wat's the end product of our 2 hours cooking~

This is my creation of pan fried fish fillet with turned potatoes, glazed carrots, tomato cherries, celeriac puree and served with Hallandaise sauce~

Side view and top view~

And these are some pictures of beautiful presentation...

This is done by Joshua~ Fish stuffing~

Benedict's fish fillet~

Pan fried fish fillet by Celes~

Yew's presentation~

Pi khung's dish~

One of the best presentation by Patrick~

Well there are more dishes but too much for me to post it up here~ so ya~ sorry to those who I did not post up, it doesn't mean u guy are not good just that I can wait for the pictures to load~

So alrite~ thats all for the first class~ I did my second kitchen class today and the menu was duck~ :) will post about it soon~

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcome To When Kiddo Cooks!!!

Hello to You!!! This is my third blog where I will post everything tht I cook either in College practical or in my own house~ well cooking an instant noodles definitely wont be posted up here~ unless I cook it differently~ alrite, nothing much to say now... tmr I will posting up what I had cooked in my last practical class~

See ya~